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Cup of dynamite!

At Blunt Bros. Coffee, every drink is made-to-order with a QUAD shot of in-house roasted organic espresso. Yes, that's 4 shots of caffeinated magic! Whether you need a serious wake-up call or an extra kick to get you through your afternoon, Blunt Bros Coffee is the energy boost you're looking for!


We Roast Our Own Beans!

Every bean that fills a Blunt Bros Coffee drink is roasted, perfectly, in-house with 100% fair-trade organic coffee beans. We are one of the only fair-trade organic roasters in New Mexico.

Our blend changes regularly!

Our current blend is:

Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea

Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 


Purchasing coffee with the Fair-Trade certification guarantees that a fair price is paid to the farmer. High quality coffees are almost always picked by hand. This is a laborious process, as cherries don’t ripen at the same pace, and pickers must return to each tree several times over harvest. Not only does hand picking mean higher quality coffee, but most coffee farmers would consider it terribly unethical to purchase an expensive piece of machinery that would take the jobs of dozens of local workers.

And that’s important, because coffee farmers are among the worst-treated in the world. Largely coming from developing nations in Central America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia, coffee farmers are faced with legendarily hard work, low prices, and a crop that’s subject to rampant price pressures as well as various forms of blight and disease.

At Blunt Bros, we only select the highest quality, fair-trade organic coffee from around the world! That means the coffee in your cup was growing on a tree less than 4 months ago!

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